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Somali Sunrise Concert Tour for Peace 2013

EVENT NYC | K’naan Performs with Waayaha Cusub, Toni Blackman, & Uppanotch

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TOUR  |  Somali Sunrise, August 2012

K’NAANwill be performing for the Somali Sunrise Concert Tour for Peace! He will be taking the stage at our DRUMS NOT GUNS concert in New York tomorrow night. K’NAAN successfully blends samples and live instrumentation for a sound that’s both rooted in traditional African melodies and the classic hip-hop tradition. At our show, he will be performing an acoustic set, headlining a show with American hiphop innovators Uppa Notch and Somalia’s hiphop and Afrobeat pioneers Waayaha Cusub (Somali New Era). We are so proud to bring the project full circle and to have K’naan join us. Meet these brave souls and singers in New York at the:


K’NAAN + (F.STOKES unable to make it due to flight) + WAAYAHA CUSUB (Somali New Era) + Uppanotch + Toni Blackman

Tuesday August 28th, 8pm-12am @ “285 Kent,” 285 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn

L train Bedford stop, Kent Ave at S1 St on the Williamsburg waterfront, next to orange awning.

$18 suggested donation at the door  |  RSVP on Facebook

Any additional donations will help the journey to Mogadishu!

Rally around the SOUND. This is what this project – this MOVEMENT – is all about. As for F.Stokes (see videos below!), an ally [who was not able to make it to the event], he grew up on a tough side of Chicago. He’s now innovating new paths for hiphop–brutal honesty, integrity, working to heal–and creating grooves you can dance to. We are ecstatic to have K’naan and F join forces with the Somali hiphop and Afrobeat pioneers Waayaha Cusub for the New York concert on their Somali Sunrise Concert Tour for Peace. Check out F’s grooves “The Go” (below) and “Soul Clap” (bottom).

The tour’s aim is to rally global support as Waayaha Cusub and other musicians journey to risk their lives to perform concerts across war-torn Somalia, leading to the first major concert in newly-reunited Mogadishu in twenty years. Here’s also a taste of Waayaha Cusub. The African Horn innovators of sound, like a Somali Motown, perform a mix of heavy hiphop as well as RnB and Somali pop. For a first taste, here’s a song about the perils of piracy, then a short doc about Somali hiphop.

On a path not too different from Waayaha Cusub’s performers, who survived war in Somalia only to wield music to persuade youth against violence, F comes from an American community hit by violence. The musicians now see hiphop as a means of construction, rebirth.

F.Stokes and Waayaha Cusub bring you hiphop and RnB with a twist. Also enjoy introductions by Toni Blackman and Daniel J Gerstle, a short hiphopumentary on Somali hiphop, and hosting by Humanitarian Bazaar, Radio Daljir, Somali Public Radio, Inherent Artists, The Hive NYC, Bunna Cafe, and many more. Thanks to Todd P and 285 Kent. And for more music from Waayaha Cusub, check out this rap about pirates.

Another great song by F.Stokes, “Soul Clap.”


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